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Mayenne Valley

River tourism, a wonderful towpath and a range of activities

Starting in the Orne in the north and 202 km long, the Mayenne is only navigable between Mayenne and Angers. Fortunately, you’re in the right part. On this route, 45 locks regulate navigation along the towpaths. Gentle and calm, a boat ride along the river will please everybody. You’ll constantly have lots to see and think about with the spaces your boat passes through. With a variety of flora and fauna, nature offers a range of curiosities. Along the way, information panels will provide you with all the information you need to understand your surroundings, and there really is a lot to see! This is because, in this area more than others, the river has been a source of enrichment for human communities at all levels. Of course, on a commercial level, it helped in the trade of wood, oil, harvests and textiles such as linen.

You can also enjoy the other results of these developments. At the end of a lock, you might find a mill, while round a bend, you might see a castle overlooking the calm water that was there to protect trade and the locals, before embellishing the landscape. The villages developed away from the banks of the river, allowing the animal world to flourish freely here. Wildlife stretches everywhere. If you love watching wildlife, Mother Nature has put on a great show for you, with the likes of herons, kingfishers, grass snakes and eels. In another area, you’ll be amazed by the 24 micro hydro power plants dotting the route and which provide a safe shelter for lots of fish.